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"What I hope most of all is that you understand what I mean when I tell you that even though I do not know you, and even though I may not meet you, laugh with you, cry with you, or kiss you: I love you. With all my heart, I love you."

Season 1, Episode 15 - Christopher Returns

1) I love the Lorelai/Christopher dynamic. Because, what you don’t think about until this episode, is how well they really KNOW each other. He’s not just some random guy who knocked her up and went on his way. He was her best friend, the one person who understood her in the world she grew up in, and vice versa. (Plus, it’s fun watching them flirt).


3) “Well, he did a good job.” “Impregnating me with Rory?” “This conversation has taken a very weird turn.” “Yes.”

4) This is the moment that I fell in love with Emily. Until now, you see her fighting with Lorelai or being pushy towards everyone, but you haven’t seen much of the caring/motherly side. “You, your person, and your existence, have never once, even for a second, been on that list. Do you understand me?” And that is EXACTLY what Rory needed to hear in that moment.

5) Christopher manipulating that little “This is what our family could be” moment? I love it. 

6) Lorelai rejecting him AGAIN, but still giving him a “no hard feelings” kiss and hug? I love it.

7) And then, we end the episode where we should, on Lorelai and Luke. All is right with the world.